Mineral Processing

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Mineral processing typically involves the crushing and grinding of hard rock ore. Crushed ore is introduced to semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mills, also known as primary mills, where grinding media is released like hammers to assist in the ore cracking / grinding process.

The mix of media and ore rises and falls in the mill like clothes in a dryer. Mill operators optimize the pattern within the mill to ensure grinding media is thrown to the “toe” of the charge to efficiently grind ore into smaller particles.

Impact in a mill can harm grinding media, causing cracking or breakage, if the media is not designed and expertly manufactured for the milling environment. A broken ball can still assist in ore processing, but the performance is significantly reduced and may have other negative effects. The longevity and overall health of the grinding media is necessary for maximum performance.
In addition to high impact SAG mill grinding, media is used in other types of milling such as the finer grind of ball mills, tower mills, vibration mills and regrind mills.

Many variables influence the size reduction performance in a mill. The media size, shape & quality, the properties of the incoming ore feed, the ratio of feed to media and the speed of the mill are among those variables. Since grinding media is an important factor, it’s necessary to partner with a quality supplier such as SGI.

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